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her off on his way to work. Whitney says that she's sad to hear all this because Chanel strikes her as a woman that could very well have everything she wants and more. The kisses are deep and sensual, although Chanel soon opens up to having her breasts fondled and her pussy eaten out as well, lost in the moment. And she's going to start by getting a vibrator! Whitney takes this cue and asks if Chanel is happy with her husband. She's not even allowed to have a vibrator!

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She'd never been with a girl before, so she got spooked because she didn't know what. Yet, the expression on Chanel's face says that she's not entirely happy about. When Whitney kisses her, Chanel happily goes along with it, savoring the sweet taste. Chanel is surprised, then wonders how SHE'D know if she really likes girls. She's finally letting her wildest fantasies come true - and this is just the beginning! Read the rest of this entry. Whitney then admits that she's bi and has been with plenty of girls before! But she also used to fantasize about having a threesome with a girlfriend, although she never acted.


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Chanel admits that she misses her college days where she considered herself to be more wild - she once kissed two boys in one night! Chanel does exactly that while ranting about her husband, voicing how frustrated she is that he doesn't prioritize her needs. As Whitney continues to massage Chanel, she presses herself even closer as she seductively offers to help her experience what it's like being with girls, too. Chanel latches onto the fact that Whitney is listening to her, continuing to express her insecurities and frustrations, especially when it comes to sex with her husband. Chanel, encouraged by Whitney's words, declares that she IS going to have fun!

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